Hey guys..so this month is going to be an amazing month. i don’t know why but i just have this feeling.. i think i just wanna dance. Or maybe am just in a good mood. So anyway there are a few things that would like to put in my October wish list. I just hope all get them.

1)African print inspired romper.Ohh boy. I never really liked African Print because i thought it was too cliche..but i just suddenly loved the diversity in colors that are available with African Print..Add that to my new obsession for rompers..what can i say..I GOTTA HAVE ONE!!!!


2)This new trend is a must have. Unfortunately its not very popular with Animal Rights Activists and animal lovers..But anyhoo i want those huge feather earrings that will cover my whole neck..i already have the peacock feather earrings but i want more more and more.

Feather earings must have- Google Pics

3)Ahh my obsession. SHOES SHOES SHOES..just look at the pic..that color, the platform, the heel..no words..gotta have em.

Nude colour platform booties-Google pics

4)The things about sheer fabric is that it is sexy yet not too revealing. Like this blouse covers you up yet its very feminine and sexy..plus it would match with everything in my closet. I want it in all colors.

Sheer blouse- Google pics

5) I know many critics don’t agree with the whole shorts with tights thing. But am curvy and some things are better covered up. But that doesn’t mean that i cant enjoy wearing my shorts. Ohh well this will be done with sheer tights. so haters..SORRY!!!

Shorts with Tights-Google pics

6) I have this crazy feeling that i should put a fringe.. I dont know why. but my mum said if i did i should not stand next to her..lol. ohh well i have got to experiment once in a while. So am still thinking about it. But the first time round i will use a weave. Yes gentlemen i said Weave. Don’t hate. Its a woman’s best friend.. 🙂 . I want this Tyra Banks cut.

Yes my hair..I WANT A FRINGE!!!- Google pics