Hey guys, curvy sisters and fashionistas.. Gosh its been really long since i last blogged. Getting a bit busy at work and school. But this wont stop me from my first love FASHION!!! My heart just skips a beat when i think of it. Anyhoo am gaining some interest in photography and am planning on having a photo shoot done. If i can just find the time. So I have been looking at some pictures on the internet and i just loved these pictures themes and poses.. Wow cant wait for a photoshoot. 🙂 🙂 🙂

What poses do you think i should do.. I love the last one most because she is my size and i think i can work it.. Have you had a photo shoot done?? How was it?? TELL ME TELL ME!!


Ligwa’s Curvy World.

P.S all pics are from Google pictures