A little bit of black..a little bit of lace

Hey happy people!! Happy new year. I know new years resolutions are still in place and everyone is back to the little stress of work or school.I just want another holiday. Anyway this is just an outfit a wore to dinner during my long holiday..which reminds me my new years resolution is to blog more..hehe..

I love this dress due to the neck detail that it has. I don’t need to wear any accessories as i think that the dress needs to be the center piece on me. ENJOY!!

I wore this pair of bronze earrings.. i did not want to take away any focus on the dress.

i love the lace details on the neck line..the top most reason why i bought this dress..the lace..i jus had to flip my hair for yáll to see that.. 🙂

i love the length of the dress..its not too short..just enough leg shown..

i decided to wear my favorite pink MAC lipstick and no other makeup on..simple and to the point.

just a little bit of lace and a little bit of black………..