What i wore: ripped stockings casual look.

Hey fashionista’s. Ladies if u got a pair of stockings or leggings or panty horse please put your hand up!!! ok thats probably every lady in town now. I have so many pairs unfortunatley all in black..hehehe.. But there is one thing that i hate about them is that WHY DO THEY RUN?? Ok in normal English especially for the gentlemen this is a run pair of stockings

image from Google images

i hate it when that happens..I have so many run tights that i didn’t know what to do with them. Then thank God for Fashion. run tights are so in!! yeah!! so i recently took out a pair of stockings which had a huge hole in it. (It unfortunately met its ripped condition through a protruding nail 😦 .) I added a couple more rips and holes to make it have the ripped effect. and this was the end results.

i ripped my stockings to give them this effect..i used a pair of scissors to do that

Since i was going for a casual look i added a shirt and tied a ribbon just to add some spunk to the whole outfit..its so cute!! don’t you think.. i accessorized the look with my brown vintage sling bag and flats..plus not forgetting the short jeans skirt which goes with any look!!

i tied this black ribbon to add some spunk to the rather dull shirt..what do you think??

How to Fix a run in your stockings

If you are wearing a pair of stockings always carry some clear nail polish in your bag.When you notice a run developing apply nail polish to the ends of the run and let it dry. This should stop the run from becoming larger. Alternatively you can always carry an extra pair of stockings in your bag and change if your stocking run.


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