HEELS HEELS HEELS!! A guide to high heels.

Hey curvy sistaz…HEELS!!! What can i say..they are a girls best friend..last week i was with one of my girls freinds and for the first time she had such a sexy girly sway..Just to cut a long story short she was wearing a pair of bootie heels. I believe evry woman on this earth should have a pair of 6 inch heels in their collection of shoes..

I know i know..how will you walk in them?? Ever of heard of BEAUTY IS PAIN??? yes girls u got to work it, to feel it.the attention you will get will definalty numb the pain.. 🙂 🙂 🙂 .. So av decided to do this blog just to show how you can walk in heels plus how to dress up when you wear different types of heels

1) high heeled oxfords and brogues

high heeled oxfords are best worn with shorts, pencil skirts and skinnies. be adventurous and try out loud colours so that they are the center piece of your outfit..

2)high heeled loafers

high heeled loafers are best worn with official wear...

3) High heeled boots and ankle boots

Boots are best worn at night, during the cold or wet season..Girls stay away from waering them when its hot..*Am guilty as charged for that* the ever changing Kenyan weather!!! 🙂

This is a shoe for all seasons and goes great with anything in your wardrobe.can be worn with both official wear and casual..talk about fancy shoes.. ALL SMILES!!!

how to walk i heels

For Curvy girls who are well endowed it can be a bit difficult to find the perfect heel. So what i do i ensure that the heels is thick enough. A thicker base ensures more balance. So always start small; wear lower heels starting from one inch heels slowly progressing. While walkins walk from heel to toes and always take small steps..This will ensure you have your balance.we do not want accidents in the middle of the streets. Plus just incase have a pair of flats in your bag. You never know when the pain will get unbearable..