MEN!!! WEEKEND LOOK. A boyfriend look.

Sorry guys for staying away.. I had two weeks of exams and assignments but am so done..YEAH!!! so am in the office and some Guys asked me to blog about what men can wear for a weekend chilling out. AM THE ONLY CHICK IN THE OFFICE..SWEET!!. I think one thing that should be scrapped out from a guys closet are SUPRAS..guys no offense those things are hideous. anyway if a had a choice of styling a guy i would dress him in a plain white tee, khaki slacks or jeans and loafers.. I think that look is sexy ,simple and laid back. I wish i could impose that on all guys around me..hehehe.. But i dont know.. what do you think of this pics below.. Guys if you want to make your girlfriend happy take note!! i loved this pics the best.

plain white tee and khaki slacks..MY FAVORITE!!

These four looks just killed it. ohh the extreme right just added the new fad..MAN BAG

SLIM TIE can easily take a casual loOk to the office..GUYS FITTING CLOTHES ARE HOT!!

so it seems am obsessed with the man bag but this outfits are very simple and laid back!!!

the Capri pants on the far right are interesting...

men don't shy away from a pop of colour..

Guys would you wear any of these???



PS all pictures courtesy of Google Images