I just bought myself a pink lipstick after jealously seeing Caucasian ladies pulling the color off so well.Pink lipstick or even gloss is a fabulous way of adding color to your face. Trust me there is an array of pink lipsticks that women of color can apply. So i did a little bit of research, and found out that black ladies can pull of pink lipstick color.

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If your skin complexion is light the intensity of the pink color can range from deep to pale. The best colors would be Magenta or Pink shades of Violet colors.

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If your skin tone ranges in this category the best pink lipstick would be rich deep pinks and Magenta. An advantage of having a medium skin tone is that you are not restricted to just the deep pinks and Magenta color as you can experiment with most pinks colors. Just ensure that it suits your tone

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Women with dark skin tones need to take great caution before choosing a pink lipstick. The recommended pink lipstick colors are Fuchsia, Magenta or any warm pinks.




My complexion ranges in the medium category therefore i got myself a fuchsia MAC lipstick NUMBER 17. I just had to rock the pink color. What do you think. MISS OR HIT. By the way the lipstick come with an added lip-gloss for an added shine.

first apply the lipstick

then the lip-gloss

final product. MWAH MWAH