Hey fashionistas. Maxi skirts are so back in vogue. With a bang. I know i have been kinda behind but my new obsession is the Sheer skirts. Looking round several blogs, everybody is talking about the sheer skirt. Wondering how to style your sheer skirt?? Well above is just a suggestion i have put so that you can get an idea on how to wear your sheer skirt.
At the top is the black sheer skirt to be worn during the day. So you can wear a vest, throw in some Boho Jewelry, a satchel bag and some flats and you are good to go. At the bottom is the Fushia sheer skirt which can be worn at night. The assemble contains an envelope clutch and shoes in navy blue to create the color blocking effect. Since its a night outfit go crazy on the top, by wearing a corset or figure holding top. Throw in a layered necklace n studs. The design of the sheer skirt allows you to show your legs and shoes.. I LOVE THEM!!
So fashionista’s what do you think of my STYLING OBSESSION- SHEER SKIRTS??
Ligwa’s Curvy World


 Hey fashionistas..its been a minute. I finally finished my second semester of graduate school. YEAH *CAT WHEELS* no more assignments and projects for two weeks. So i got alot more time with you pips.. * LOVE YOU* . Its now the rainy season in Nairobi and the crazy weather is at it again..rainy in the morning and blazing hot in the afternoon or vice versa. So i put my styling skills to task and come up with these two Trench Coat Assembles.
The top bit can be worn to a business meeting, at the office or when running errands on a weekday. When it is chilly or cold you can put on the trench coat. When the sun decides to pop out, the sleeveless dress will still suit the weather. The bottom assemble can be worn over the weekend or when catching up with friends. It can move from day time to night time in a split. In case it gets hot in the afternoon the sheer blouse will still serve you justice in the hot weather.
Always try and add a splash of colour..just to brighten up your day. Items are available in most shops around Nairobi such as Jamia Mall and Elegant Stalls ( price range is 1500 and above, but you can always negotiate for a cheaper price). If you do love Bargains LIKE ME, u can always go to thrift markets such as Gikomba or Toi market (price ranges are from 500 shillings and above. I just recently bought one for 100 bob 🙂 )


Hey yáll. I KNOW I KNOW *HIDING FACE* i have dissapeared from the face of the earth. Blogging was put on hold for a while. I had a pressing graduate project to complete that took most of time..but am so done!! YEAH!!! anyhoo. since am blogging after a month ( so embarrasing) am now back to blogging.

I was recently shopping with my male friend for Man Bags. i had done an earlier post on it but i was so excited to discover there are so many types. My mind was spinning with excitement. so as a come back to blogging hopefully continuously, my first blog post is going to be on a Part two post on Man Bags.

With my research i have discovered there are about seven types of Man bags

1) Modern Briefcase 

Modern Briefcase

This briefcase is an upgrade from the traditional briefcase. it is less boxy with more rounded corners as compared to the sharp edged traditional briefcase. The modern briefcase also comes with a strap which makes it easier to carry around. The modern Briefcase can be worn with Business attire.

2) Messenger Bag

messenger bag

Mostly made of Canvas, the messenger bag is a must have for students due to its versatility. It has a long sling strap so that it can be swung across your shoulder. This classic bag can also come in leather which gives it an edgy feel to it. The messenger bag can be worn when wearing casual clothes over the weekend or as a everyday bag for students.

3) Duffel Bag

This bag is mostly used when travelling due to its large size. It is convenient since it has a large carrying capacity. Casual business attire and general casual wear is best worn when carrying your duffel bag.

4) Tote Bag

tote bag

A tote bag is an mosern approach to a briefcase. its classic leather exterior with its short hadles gives it a classy and simple look. The whole look exudes laid back masculinity to your casual business attire or casual weekend look. When carrying the Tote bag have a more Casual look on.

5) Satchel Bag

The satchel bag is the most casual bag that men can adorn. It can come in a variety of fabrics such as canvas or leather. My opnion if your satchel bag is leather, you can wear it with  offical attire to the office. Any other fabric can be worn  with the casual look.

6) Hobo Bag

Hobo Bogo

The Hobo Bag is a smaller version of the messenger bag. its small carrying capacity makes it more appealing to the gentlemen since they carry less things in their bags. carrying it when wearing casual wear.

7) Man purse/ Murse

Man purse

OK..What can i say. ohh well. I have nothing against the man purse. But what i know most men would rather be caught dead than seen carrying a man purse. To carry a man Purse you got to have the Swag otherwise you will end up looking like your carrying your girl friends clutch bag. ofence to man purse lovers


Most men do not like carrying items around. they would just have their wallet and phone and they are good to go. With a man bag you get more versatility as you can carry a few extra things such as an umbrella in case of a sudden downpour., a small cologne for those moments you want to freshen up, an extra sweater, a small snack.( women are well known for carrying small snacks to keep the munchies away) and for the tech suvey gentlemen, throw in your Ipad or Laptop. i cant really say what u should carry but just carry your essential things.