About me and my blog..

Am a curvy girl. An aspiring plus size model with a passion for fashion. I am moving towards starting my own fashion line, cant wait!!!! LIGWA FASHIONS.

Basically i blog about my outfits which i think are inspiring to plus size gals and all other fashionistas out there. once in a while i will drop in my own designs LIGWA FASHIONS!!! but also expect lots of fashion, fun and fabulousity.

I know i have the curves. What can i say, am voluptuous. I dedicate this blog to all the curvy gals plus size gals and all fashion trend setters. This is going to be a road full of FUN, FASHION AND FABOLOUSITY!!!

15 thoughts on “About me and my blog..

  1. hey cant wait to see wat you will bring on this blog. Can we talk about tights and if they are still a fashion do, plus wat type the colored printed, thick or light. And the ultimate should they be worn with peep toes-stockings that is

  2. Fashionista,
    I embrace the dedication COMPLETELY! So, curvy alll the way… Now you know busty grls have issues with the kinds of tops to get that won’t exergerate… advice?? What kind of knecklines and how low or high should we get…. stuff like that.

  3. Linda, I’m so proud of you!!! Make that money girl and keep it up. finally, someone who understands our body-type. I’m so proud of you…..again!

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