Plus Size Inspirations

1) Crystal Renn. She started her Career as a staright model. She did struggle with her weight before she decided to continue with her career as a Plus Size Model at a size twelve.

Crystal Renn


2)Tara Lynn. With her Curves she has graced Elle France and Vogue Italia Magazines

Tara Lynn


3)Barbara Brickner. Statred her plus size modeling carrere after being approached by Heffner Management.

Barbara Brickner


4)Justine Legault. She is from Canada and models as a size 14.

Justine Legault


5) Adele. Ohh well with all those Grammies she does deserve an applause..



6)Ashely Graham. She is the retail model for Lane Bryant

Ashley Graham


7)Fluvia Lacerda. At a whooping size photo can do her justice..extremely beautiful.

Flavia Lacerda


8)Mia Tyler. The daughter of Steven Tyler is In addition to being a model, she is also a designer, an actress and a motivational speaker on body acceptance.

Mia Tyler


9)Christina Schmidt. A plus size model who started off her career as an actress in the 1980s.

Christina Schmidt


10)Queen Latifah. An established actress who has never been shy to show off her curves.

Queen Latifah


11)Wendy Suicide. This is a company that showcases plus size models who are tattooed or pierced..those that otherwise conventional modeling agencies would not do.

Wendy Suicide


12)Silvia Rho. A plus size model of Korean-American Heritage.


13)Chloe Marshall. She was the first ever size 16 contestant for Miss England. She come in second!! * Standing Ovation*

Chloe Marshall


14)Denis Bidot. A native of Miami. She wanted to break into the movie industry as a makeup artist. When working on a photoshoot she was urged to try out plus size modeling..what can i say..she worked it!!!

Denise Bidot


15)Katya Zharkova. she starred in PLUS Model Magazine’s spread on the extremism in the modeling world. Biggest message she gives all curvy girls…big can definitely be beautiful.

Katya Zharkova

Enjoy your weekend Lovelies.



4 thoughts on “Plus Size Inspirations

    • Yeah that’s so true Waceera..maybe just because of the way society has been groomed to always think that models and the most beautiful peoples lists have to be of a certain size..I don’t believe in that.Because if you look at the models i have put there, some have been in the industry for years.But who even knows their names apart from their Fashion Circles?

      I hope slowly the perception of big is also beautiful will become widely accepted..

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