Peplum Trend Assembles

Hello fashionistas. I hope you all been ok. I just cant stand the cold Nairobi weather plus the rain..But atleast its cool now. There are new trends al ways coming in and am just starting to love the New Peplum Trend. This trend is slowly coming up in most Spring collections by designers. If you are not familiar with it,  the word peplum refers to ruffles that are put around the waist, which its intend is to add volume but creating a fabulous hour glass shape. I know the adding volume bit especaiily if you are curvy can be scary..But take a look at the pics below. In my opnion this is a miracle from heaven. The peplum dresses are fabulous for assentuating our curves plus it hides the famous muffin top or rather ‘spare tyre’.. So if you are trying out this new trend the follwing are several assembles you may want to try out.

1) Peplum Dress

Peplum dress Essemble

If you are wearing a Peplum dress, it should be the center of attraction. Therefore you can either play it up or down depending on your taste. I suggest going for bright colors. I did the above assemble but put very minimum amount of accessories. Add a slim belt to further accentuate your waist.  

2) Peplum Jacket
Peplum jacket
The jacket should be the center of attraction as pair it up with plain skinny jeans or shorts. A peplum jacket should never be paired up with flared trousers as it creates an imbalance to your look. You can accessories with bright colours. I used Primary colours to add some spice to the outfit..What do you think???
3) Peplum skirt 
Peplum Skirt
The peplum skirt is flirty and feminine. So i decided to use pastel colours. I put toghether a baby pink Peplum skirt, a light peach coloured heels, and blue chandelier earings. not forgeting a lovely sheer white blouse to complete the look. The skirt can also be worn with flats if you are planning on doing some errands.
So What do u think of this trend?? The following pic is the new collection by Victoria Beckham. I love what piece would you wear from the Peplum Trend??

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