Hey fashionistas..its been a minute. I finally finished my second semester of graduate school. YEAH *CAT WHEELS* no more assignments and projects for two weeks. So i got alot more time with you pips.. * LOVE YOU* . Its now the rainy season in Nairobi and the crazy weather is at it again..rainy in the morning and blazing hot in the afternoon or vice versa. So i put my styling skills to task and come up with these two Trench Coat Assembles.
The top bit can be worn to a business meeting, at the office or when running errands on a weekday. When it is chilly or cold you can put on the trench coat. When the sun decides to pop out, the sleeveless dress will still suit the weather. The bottom assemble can be worn over the weekend or when catching up with friends. It can move from day time to night time in a split. In case it gets hot in the afternoon the sheer blouse will still serve you justice in the hot weather.
Always try and add a splash of colour..just to brighten up your day. Items are available in most shops around Nairobi such as Jamia Mall and Elegant Stalls ( price range is 1500 and above, but you can always negotiate for a cheaper price). If you do love Bargains LIKE ME, u can always go to thrift markets such as Gikomba or Toi market (price ranges are from 500 shillings and above. I just recently bought one for 100 bob 🙂 )

10 thoughts on “TRENCH COAT ASSEMBLE

    • Hey Njesh
      Yes you heard me. Actually the sheer blouses were going for 30bob..hehe..And am not lying!! The only problem is that you realy have to look at huge heaps but in the end u always find a cheap dime!!

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