Happy Holidays people.. Christmas is just round the corner and i cant wait!!! Am still enjoying my holiday. Am Kenyan but i have decided to spend my holiday in the Rwanda Capital Kigali. Its such a wonderful country with great weather and wonderful people. Its so chilled out, a very different scene from Nairobi town which has too much noise and cars and offense Kenyans..hehehe..either way home is always best..

Its been a while since i put up some personal outfits. I have been busy with school and work to wear something worth showing. I always like showing my best assets. Which is always my legs and shoulders.. So curvy girls instead of focusing on your Negative focus on your Positives. Everybody is different so no comparing!!! ok too much talking. This is a simple outfit that i would wear out to a club or even dress it down to a wedding. I love the frilly layers at the bottom. It accentuates my curves and hides any negatives.. 🙂 :-). but my sister thinks i look like a salsa dancer in this dress. SMH!!!

the fabric has little tiny flowers..perfect for adding colour to an outfit in this hot weather..

i added a black belt to break the monotony of the dress..

the belt is the tying its flexible and can fit anyone..

i decided to tie the belt to the side..actually looks better.

because the outfit is very colourfull i decided to wear minimal makeup..i have nude lips and i just used liquid eyeliner for my eyes..and ladies dont forget to tweeze the eyebrows

Dress- Toi market (200KSH)

Shoes- Kigali (2000KSH)


Ligwa’s Curvy World


ITS HOLIDAY TIME!!! wow i never thought this time would come. I realy needed a vacation out of town, work and school. I know many of you share my sentiments. I love the weather and its hot. Perfect weather!!! I know for most Kenyans this time of the year ,all roads lead down to the Coast as everyone wants to enjoy the wonderful beach and water.

i hope for all my curvy sisters nobody will be seated on the sand watching everybody just splash away. I know its quite hard getting nice swimming costumes. Either the problem area is the Chest or the Large hips or the ever constant flabby stomach. Everybody should have fun. So i was looking in through some pictures and i thought that maybe you could use some ideas that i have collected.

show off those hips when perfectly consealing your stomach and muffin top.

a collection of many other costumes that you can get ideas from.

A tankini is best for hidding the tummy and at teh same tip show off your curvy hips for all to see.dont be afraid to add colour. Most plus size girls think that dark colours help in hidding thier flaws. But colour brings attention to you in a good way.A dress costume is best for hidding both the tummy and hips.



The best thing to do is walk around most shops that sell Swimming Costumes and choose what best fits you. It would be best if you already have an idea of what you want. Plus you can also carry around a picture. Dont be dissapointed if you do not get exaclty what you want. Change is always good. PLus you never know,you may jus get something better.

Dont forget to pack your hats, Lesso, shorts and Sarongs for cover up. PLus always wear sunscreen and drinks lots of fliuds.. Happy holidays people. Christmass is in a week. YEAH!!!



PS. all pictures are from google images.