MEN!!! WEEKEND LOOK. A boyfriend look.

Sorry guys for staying away.. I had two weeks of exams and assignments but am so done..YEAH!!! so am in the office and some Guys asked me to blog about what men can wear for a weekend chilling out. AM THE ONLY CHICK IN THE OFFICE..SWEET!!. I think one thing that should be scrapped out from a guys closet are SUPRAS..guys no offense those things are hideous. anyway if a had a choice of styling a guy i would dress him in a plain white tee, khaki slacks or jeans and loafers.. I think that look is sexy ,simple and laid back. I wish i could impose that on all guys around me..hehehe.. But i dont know.. what do you think of this pics below.. Guys if you want to make your girlfriend happy take note!! i loved this pics the best.

plain white tee and khaki slacks..MY FAVORITE!!

These four looks just killed it. ohh the extreme right just added the new fad..MAN BAG

SLIM TIE can easily take a casual loOk to the office..GUYS FITTING CLOTHES ARE HOT!!

so it seems am obsessed with the man bag but this outfits are very simple and laid back!!!

the Capri pants on the far right are interesting...

men don't shy away from a pop of colour..

Guys would you wear any of these???



PS all pictures courtesy of Google Images


Hey guys, curvy sisters and fashionistas.. Gosh its been really long since i last blogged. Getting a bit busy at work and school. But this wont stop me from my first love FASHION!!! My heart just skips a beat when i think of it. Anyhoo am gaining some interest in photography and am planning on having a photo shoot done. If i can just find the time. So I have been looking at some pictures on the internet and i just loved these pictures themes and poses.. Wow cant wait for a photoshoot. 🙂 🙂 🙂

What poses do you think i should do.. I love the last one most because she is my size and i think i can work it.. Have you had a photo shoot done?? How was it?? TELL ME TELL ME!!


Ligwa’s Curvy World.

P.S all pics are from Google pictures


Hey this month is going to be an amazing month. i don’t know why but i just have this feeling.. i think i just wanna dance. Or maybe am just in a good mood. So anyway there are a few things that would like to put in my October wish list. I just hope all get them.

1)African print inspired romper.Ohh boy. I never really liked African Print because i thought it was too cliche..but i just suddenly loved the diversity in colors that are available with African Print..Add that to my new obsession for rompers..what can i say..I GOTTA HAVE ONE!!!!


2)This new trend is a must have. Unfortunately its not very popular with Animal Rights Activists and animal lovers..But anyhoo i want those huge feather earrings that will cover my whole neck..i already have the peacock feather earrings but i want more more and more.

Feather earings must have- Google Pics

3)Ahh my obsession. SHOES SHOES SHOES..just look at the pic..that color, the platform, the words..gotta have em.

Nude colour platform booties-Google pics

4)The things about sheer fabric is that it is sexy yet not too revealing. Like this blouse covers you up yet its very feminine and it would match with everything in my closet. I want it in all colors.

Sheer blouse- Google pics

5) I know many critics don’t agree with the whole shorts with tights thing. But am curvy and some things are better covered up. But that doesn’t mean that i cant enjoy wearing my shorts. Ohh well this will be done with sheer tights. so haters..SORRY!!!

Shorts with Tights-Google pics

6) I have this crazy feeling that i should put a fringe.. I dont know why. but my mum said if i did i should not stand next to ohh well i have got to experiment once in a while. So am still thinking about it. But the first time round i will use a weave. Yes gentlemen i said Weave. Don’t hate. Its a woman’s best friend.. 🙂 . I want this Tyra Banks cut.

Yes my hair..I WANT A FRINGE!!!- Google pics