So i know i have gone MIA for a while..getting a little bit busy with school and graduation. but am here promise to do more posts. so i went shopping a few weeks ago and i could not believe that i saw a lace dress for 200 shillings.WHAT!!! yes you heard me 200 shillings.i couldn’t believe it so i just had to get it..this is a close up of the lace

Well lace is now in Vogue for this Spring season plus its really sexy. What i love about lace its such a feminine fabric.  the dress was black so now in addition to my LBD i had to add this little lace number.

Since the dress was black i decided to accessorize it with a green cardigan and cinch belt. This was to create an hourglass figure as most curvy girls need to create a figure. But be careful you the belt should not be too tight that you can not breath. Worse still create folds around your waist..YIKES!!!!

Curvy girls the best we can do is ACCESSORIZE ACCESSORIZE ACCESSORIZE . so i  did a bit of that and added my favorite necklace from Jewels by Angeline and a red belt and red heels. What do you think?? HIT OR MISS??






My friend once posed this question to me;

Can we talk about tights and if they are still a fashion do, plus what type the colored printed, thick or light. And the ultimate should they be worn with peep toes-stockings.

Apparently she was soo disturbed when she saw a lady wearing strappy heels with stockings, that she could not concentrate in an :). i shouldn’t av added that this is one tricky question to answer. Tights are one timeless fashion item to have in your closet. Everybody should have a pair in neutral colors in your drawers for any occasion. But the question comes in, can tights or stockings or socks be on with any types of shoes??? Basically tights or stockings can be worn with any types of closed shoes like this one;

simple black tights with red heels

The tricky part comes in when you may want to wear your peep toe shoes or open shoes with your classic tights or stockings. Different people have different views on this topic but personally I think you can, but depending on what type of open shoes you are going to wear. You can wear peep toe shoes with stockings and tights. For an added plus you can throw in a colored pair of socks.

wearing tights with closed or peep toes can be acceptable

But fashion NO NO’s will be wearing your tights, stockings or colored socks with strappy heels or slip on shoes or even worse SANDALS. I once saw that in town and I cringed in horror. How do you do that to yourself..REALLY!!! That is a major fashion Faux Pas.i never liked it because it just looks odd and untidy. So please ladies stay away from that. Just my opinion.

Away from that you could add lots of color and fun to your shoes by wearing colored tights, stockings and even socks to bring a little bit of edginess to your rather dull outfits. So I decided to take some pics over the weekend to illustrate this.



first post..gosh!!! STRIPES STRIPES STRIPES

Let’s face it, most plus size girls cant stand the thought of wearing strips. But come on. You don’t realy have to adhere to the ‘rule’; stripes make you look bigger! Really???? Ok one quick question would you wear anything that has stripes? Hmmmm tough one. I always avoid wearing stripes because I always feel that I look bigger.  But this mentality has to stop. Bottom line some rules are made to be broken. Including  this one. Sooo for my first blog spot..can plus size girls weare stripes??? OFCOURSE WE CAN..

pics from google images


What I do is wear vertical stripes because it slims down my hips. But if you are top heavy horizontal stripes can even your bady shape out. Anyhoo this are some pics that I took of my night outfit!!! Lets all go out and wear stripes girls.Curvy girls can wear stripes.

too tired to stand.i think its the heels


stripes for my bottom half of the dress creates a contrast for the top. i love the vertical stripes which creates an illusion of a slimmer a cinch belt to bring out my curvy figure 😀